About Us

Who We Are

Al-Ahram Company is one of the largest companies specializing in the production and manufacture of pipes and special pieces of UPVC and PPP. The factory was established in 1998 on an area of ​​1000 m 2 until it reached an area of ​​15000 m 2 business card 300 workers with a capacity of 8000 tons per year.

The factory produces pipes and fittings of UPVC with diameters ranging from 25 mm to 168 mm and also Polypropylene pipes and fittings with dimensions ranging from 20 mm to 110 mm in accordance with the German specifications and specifications of the Egyptian PPR.

Al-Ahram Company also offers its latest products, the product of Javan from the PPH, starting from 50mm to 160mm diameter, Al-Ahram Company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO18001 certificates, the company also obtained the accreditation of drinking water and sanitation, The company is also accredited in the largest projects of the Housing Authority and the new city equipment and projects engineering body of the armed forces.

Our History